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⏩ What is an eSIM?
eSIM – a digital SIM that empowers you to activate your carrier's mobile plan without the need for a physical SIM card.
⏩ Which countries does eSimsData operate in?
eSimsData ensures connectivity across 100+ countries, seamlessly linking to these networks during roaming. Explore the supported countries by checking the category section on this very page.
⏩ When does the eSIM Package data plan become active?
The eSIM Package data plan initiates as soon as it is activated on your mobile device.
⏩ What is the process for installing eSIM on my phone?
To set up the eSIM, simply scan the provided QR code. This step does not trigger the commencement of the data plan. Nevertheless, after the scan, the eSIM will be downloaded and ready for activation on the day of your travel.
⏩ Which gadgets are compatible with eSIM technology?
Devices introduced from 2019 onwards that offer eSIM compatibility include: Apple iPhone Xr, Xs, and later models; Samsung Fold and subsequent releases; Huawei P40 and more recent iterations; Pixel 4 and newer versions.
⏩ Is it possible to use a physical SIM card after setting up an eSIM?
Absolutely, you have the flexibility to do so. Furthermore, it's even feasible to utilize both cards concurrently: the primary card for calls and messages, while the eSIM manages your internet connectivity.
⏩ Does eSIM outperform traditional physical SIM cards?
Certainly, without a doubt. eSIM surpasses the conventional physical SIM card, primarily due to the convenience of immediate access to your eSIM profile wherever you travel, eliminating the need to purchase a new SIM card either in-store or online.

🌐 esim Unlimited 5 days at high speed 5G*

✉️ Delivery of eSIM QR codes via email

💳 You can pay with Cryptocurrencies or with a bank card

📝 No need to sign an agreement with the mobile operator and leave your data

*Unlimited bundles provide 1GB of data at unthrottled 5G (where available) speeds per 24 hours and thereafter unlimited data at 512kbs. The 24h period is calculated from the point the bundle is first used. Each 24h period remaining the 1GB of unthrottled data will reset.


5 days



  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    Excellent! Purchased this for my Thailand trip, and it worked perfectly, even in the most remote places! Highly recommended!

  2. Ken (verified owner)

    Initially confusing to install, but once set up, it worked well in over four countries we visited in Europe. We had service everywhere, and the app was useful for checking how much data we had left. Extending data usage was also very easy.

  3. John (verified owner)

    esimsdata is excellent! ! I traveled through a couple of states in the US, and it worked perfectly. I have no complaints, only praises. The data eSim connected me to T-Mobile at good speeds of LTE and 5G. The best part is that the price of the data is as affordable as your local network. Well done to the team at esimsdata. Keep up the good work.

  4. Marco (verified owner)

    Downloaded an eSIM for Israel and installed it in the Netherlands, but initially, it didn’t activate, and there was no reception. I was skeptical about whether it would work. However, once I arrived in Israel, it worked perfectly. I primarily use it for navigation purposes, so I have no information about speeds.

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    Extremely helpful for various countries and easy to use. A must-have, especially for quickly obtaining data. I would use it again, and it’s much more affordable than my regular network.

  6. Anita (verified owner)

    Purchased an eSIM card for USA. Although a bit cumbersome to install via a QR code, it worked flawlessly. I will certainly use eSIMsData again.

  7. David (verified owner)

    An uncomplicated and straightforward eSIM that worked flawlessly with no issues at all. I will definitely use it in the future.

  8. Lina (verified owner)

    Since discovering esimsdata eSIM, my travels have become significantly easier than before. There’s no need to invest extra time in purchasing and waiting for a physical SIM. I’ve used it in over five countries, and it has consistently worked well throughout.

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eSIM supports mobile operator networks: TELUS Communications Company, Rogers Communications Partnership, Bell Mobility
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